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VTOPO ROC Calanques Climbing


VTOPO ROC Calanques Climbing

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Description rapide

The complete translation in english of the original french book "Calanques Escalade". It's the only rock climbing complete guidebook in english about Les Calanques.

To discover the area, from Marseille to La Ciotat.


  • Marseilleveyre, Les Goudes, Walkyries, Sormiou, Morgiou, Sugiton, Candelle, Val Vierge, Devenson, Eissadon, L’Oule, Castelvieil, En Vau, Cap Canaille, Bec de l’Aigle
  • Mandatory 6c maximum
  • 1110 listed routes, of which 418 long routes and 15 traverses
  • Aquatic climbing "Deep water soloing": 33 traverses
  • 70 original watercolours, 200 photos
  • New re-bolting, last routes, recent areas
  • 22 treks, 10 VertiRandos, 2 complete traverses
  • Geopositioning with aerial photos

Jean-Louis Fenouil was born in Marseille. He has been exploring the Calanques since his childhood. Passionate about climbing, he has opened more than 600 pitches in the massif and in Corsica. Here is his 6th book illustrated with his own watercolours.

Cédric Tassan -creator of the VTOPO editions- is above all a lover of the Massif des Calanques. He knows every nook and cranny of it and is particularly fond of the long routes and the Devenson.


The selected division of Les Calanques is based on the road access, except for the Walkyries area. Here are the selected areas:

MARSEILLEVEYRE: only the places around the summit of Marseilleveyre and especially on the north slope, amongst the Grotte Rolland.

LES GOUDES: from Callelongue, it is one of the doors of the area.

WALKYRIES: it is the « isolated » part located east of the Col de Sormiou.

SORMIOU: all of the calanque, from its north slope, just near the city, to the Bec de Sormiou.

MORGIOU: rather like Sormiou. From civilisation to the deepest part of Cap Morgiou.

SUGITON / CANDELLE: gathers the areas from Luminy to the outskirts of the Concave.

GARDIOLE: every area for which the starting point is the car park of the Gardiole: Devenson, Castelvieil, En-Vau, etc.

CASSIS: from the city of Cassis, in the small valley of Port-Miou.

CAP CANAILLE: includes the large red rock cliff from Cassis to La Ciotat.

Informations supplémentaires

EAN 9792916072527
Date de parution 15 juil. 2013
Latitude 43.22724468099543
Longitude 5.504177212715149


Walking on the Roc - Teaser from Éditions VTOPO on Vimeo.

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